Unique and Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday (2024)

Unique and Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday (1)

Whether you’re the type of person who’d rather your birthday go unnoticed, or the type to be counting down the days until the big event, there’s no denying that they’re a special time of year.

They serve as the perfect excuse to get friends and family together in one place, allowing us to celebrate and show appreciation to those that we care about. With a new year on the horizon, it’s an ideal opportunity to stop and take stock of life. It may even be a time to set some positive goals for you to achieve in the upcoming year.

Hunting for epic things to do on your birthday can seem like an impossible task. Whether you’re planning to be with friends, family, or even alone, it can be difficult to find inspiration.

To help you have the best day ever celebrating another trip around the sun, we decided to create a guide on what to do on your birthday. From fun days out to food and drink activities, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even thought of some at home alternatives if going out isn’t really your thing.

Unique and Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday (2)

Fun things to do

If you’re wondering where to go on your birthday, look no further. From theme parks to botanical gardens, there’s a whole host of places you can go to create amazing memories to make this year’s the best one yet.

Go to an amusem*nt park

Just because you’re a year older doesn’t mean you have to start acting it. Relive the happy and carefree days of your childhood and head to your nearest theme park. Offering an awesome day of birthday fun, thrill yourself on a hair-raising rollercoaster and immerse yourself in a park’s numerous exciting attractions and events. If you’re an animal lover, many amusem*nt parks also have zoos for you to go make some new furry friends and snap some great pictures.

Take a hike

Head for the hills and channel your inner explorer. Pack a bag full of tasty snacks, not forgetting that all important slice of birthday cake, and celebrate your special day being at one with nature. You could even go one up and start your new age with a bucket-list adventure climbing a mountain.


Self-Guided Hiking ExperienceGet ready to discover and explore the best of the British countryside with this stunning Self-Guided Hiking Experience.£24.00Find out more

Host a picnic

Keep things simple and grab a blanket, some plates and fill a hamper to the brim with all your favourite sweet and savoury treats. Make a beeline for your favourite spot in your city,countryside or even host it in your own garden for a more low-key affair.

Visit a museum

How about spending the day at a museum and stepping into a whole new world? Go it alone or bring your curious minded friend along. With a variety of themes from science to history to art galleries, there’s guaranteed to be a museum to pique your interest and bring an element of class and education to your birthday.

Spend the day in a botanical garden

From trips to the Eden Project in Cornwall to a visit to Kew Gardens in London, spending time in nature can be incredibly tranquil and will start your new year on a good note. With over 100 registered National Trust parks and gardens in the UK, there’s ahuge collection of historic gardensfor you to explore.


Brooklands Museum Family VisitDiscover the history of aviation and motorsport with this Family Visit to Brooklands Motorsport and Aviation Museum for two adults and three children. Re-live the age of supersonic flight at the Home of Concorde and get up close to the aircraft designed, built and flown at Brooklands. Visit the motoring village and see the cars that raced on the historic track at Britain’s first Grand Prix, including the record-breaking Napier Railton before checking out the UK’s largest collection of ex-London Transport Buses.£49.00Find out more

Kew Garden Tickets

Visit to Kew Gardens for Two AdultsExplore one of London’s most beautiful locations with a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. The world’s largest collection of living plants, this UNESCO World Heritage Site features 326 acres of diverse plant life from across the globe. Journey through glasshouses and landscapes shaped over 250 years of history.£47.00Find out more

Go to the beach

England has a pretty impressive coastline and there’s no better birthday companion than the waves. If you’re something of a foodie, a trip to the beach is incomplete without some of the finest British fare in the form of fish and chips and ice cream. If you’re the active type, there’s a whole host of watersports for you to discover - from surfing to coasteering to sailing.

Have a movie night

Make it a night to remember by heading to your favourite restaurant for a little pre-film meal, before immersing yourself in the cinema's surround sound and big screen. If you’re feeling creative, you can even host your own movie night at home. Invite all your friends and family, hire a projector and make sure to have every type of cinema snack, from pizza and hot dogs to popcorn and sweets.

Plan an escape room

Anescape roomis an adventure game designed for small groups. You and your team have to work together to decipher clues, overcome challenges and find your way out of a locked room in less than 60 minutes.A budget-friendly alternative to expensive birthday outings, escape rooms not only see you work with your loved ones but it'll give you another thing to celebrate when you are successful.

Champagne Experiences

Champagne Cinema Evening for Two at the 5* Luxury Courthouse Hotel, LondonTreat yourselves to a magical night out with this Champagne Cinema Evening for Two at the 5* Luxury Courthouse Hotel in Soho, London. Once a magistrates’ court in a beautiful Grade II listed building that saw the likes of Oscar Wilde, Mick Jagger and John Lennon pass through its doors, Courthouse Hotel now boasts one of the biggest private cinemas in the capital.£40.00£48.5017.52% OFFFind out more

Immersive Experiences

Trapp'd Escape Room Game for FourAssemble an adrenaline-loving team and get ready for the ultimate heart-pumping rush of Trapp’d’s new Escape Room Experience.£71.00Find out more

Go on a sports tour of your favourite stadium

Whether you're a football, cricket or rugby fan, there's no better birthday than one spent touring an iconic stadium. Offering exclusive access to areas normally off-limits to the public, these stadium tours can feel like a very unique experience - ideal for birthdays.

Add some speed to your day with a track day

If you’re something of a petrol-head, it wouldn’t feel right if your birthday didn’t somehow feature cars. From supercars and classic cars, to drifting and rally, there’s guaranteed to be a driving day to delight every type of motor enthusiast on their special day.

Relax with a spa day

For many, birthdays can be a stressful time but why should they be?Make an appointment for a spa dayto freshen yourself up, starting the new birth year with a refreshing facial or massage. If you’re more of the home type, you could invite a trusted aesthetician into your home and have a spa day in the comfort of your living room.

Two Car Experiences

Combined Rally and Supercar Day at EverymanEnjoy the ultimate adrenaline-pumping experience with this Combined Rally and Supercar Day at Everyman. First up are the supercars, and you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of not one but two. Following a briefing and demonstration drive alongside your ARDS qualified instructor, you’ll take to the track for six miles of driving in each car. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the likes of an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or Nissan GTR available.£294.00Find out more

Have a treetop adventure

For a guaranteed unforgettable birthday bash, Go Ape is the place to be. With a host of exhilarating activities for all ages, from canopy exploring to trail blazing, Go Ape in the forest is full of thrills and excitement.Not to mention, there's over 30 locations across the UK, meaning you won't have to travel far for your adventure.

Take a leap of faith with skydiving

We can’t think of a bigger and more adventurous way to celebrate a birthday than skydiving. Tell your pals your birthday itinerary and you may even get a sidekick to join you on your adventure. If you can’t quite face the reality of throwing yourself out of a plane, indoor skydiving is a perfect alternative with a more controlled environment.

Family Days Out

Go Ape Treetop Challenge for TwoGrab a fellow adventurer and get ready to test your nerve and brains on one of Go Ape’s most challenging treetop experiences.£78.00Find out more

Days Out And Tours

15000ft Ultimate Tandem SkydiveNot all skydives are created equal. With this 15,000ft Ultimate Skydive you’ll be jumping from the highest possible tandem jump altitude in the UK, giving you plenty of time to experience the massive adrenaline rush that comes from reaching terminal velocity.£339.00Find out more

Go to a show

Whatever month your birthday falls, there’s always hundreds of events and live shows to get involved in. Whether you see your favourite artist in concert, a theatre performance you've always wanted to watch, or a comedy show to keep you in fits of laughter, it's a classic way to spend a birthday for a reason.

Host a Game Night

Invite your friends and family and have everyone come in their favourite pyjamas, bringing their go-to board game or any game from way back when. For an extra dose of nostalgia, make sure there’s plenty of treat bags for the winners.

Romantic Days Out

Mamma Mia! Gold Theatre Tickets for TwoIndulge in a little theatre magic with Gold Theatre Tickets to MAMMA MIA! for Two.£182.00Find out more

Days Out And Tours

Comedy Night for TwoGet ready for an uproarious evening of entertainment with this Comedy Night for Two. You and a lucky friend can laugh the night away with your pick of comedy nights across the UK, with plenty of locations to choose from.£26.00£39.5034.18% OFFFind out more

Food and drink things to do

If you’re something of a foodie, then inevitably you’ll want your day to involve only the best food. To help you satisfy all your cravings, we’ve come up with a wide array of food outings to make your day delicious.


Because nothing says “Happy Birthday” like mouth-watering breakfast foods and of course plenty of mimosas. Rapidly becoming the cornerstone of British dining,join the brunch trend by gathering your pals together to celebrate your bday with a plethora of food in a relaxed environment. Whether you go for bottomless co*cktails, free-flowing fizz or a more sophisticated high-class brunch, you’ll have free reign to choose as the member of birthday royalty.

Cookery Class

Face your new age with style by learning a new skill to become a kitchen master. Whether it’scooking alongside a celebrity chef, online in the familiarity of your own kitchen, or satisfying that sweet tooth and making your own cake, there’s plenty of cookery courses for you to revel in.

Vineyard, Distillery and Brewery Tours

Whether your calling in life is gin, whisky, wine or beer, there’s no better way to spend the day than with a vineyard, distillery or brewery tour. You can dress up fancy and turn it into a real occasion or if you’re looking to keep things simple, just buy some bottles of your favourite and host your own tasting in the comfort of your home.

co*cktail Making Classes

If knocking back a few fruity numbers is your thing, plan a birthday outing to your favourite co*cktail bar. While you could of course have a talented mixologist craft your favourite co*cktail, why not start the year with a bang and make your own bespoke creation? By the end of the co*cktail making class, you’ll have a selection of fantastic co*cktails to sample and a new-found party trick to tap into.

London Restaurants

Skylon Thames View Weekend Brunch with Free-Flowing Prosecco for TwoStart a Saturday or Sunday in style with stunning Southbank views and delicious brunch fare at Skylon.£104.00Find out more

Drinks Experiences

Chapel Down Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour For TwoEnjoy an on foot guided tour of the Chapel Down vineyards and winery, where you'll learn about the vineyard cycle, the English grape harvest and the intricate process of Traditional Method sparkling wine. £61.00Find out more

Food tours

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t LOVE food? Embark on a solo adventure or bring your expedition partners and head out on a food tour in your local city. Plan stops at all your favourite places, visit one of the famous markets like Borough Market and sample the multitude of delectable food on offer. Along the way, you may even discover some hidden gems you didn’t know existed.

Make your own ice cream night

Remember when you were a kid and there was nothing more exciting than an ice cream bar with the full works? Your birthday is the perfect time to spoil yourself! We’re talking about colourful sprinkles, every flavour of ice cream under the sun and plenty of fun toppings to put you into a sugar coma…you know you love it.

Dining Cruises

Great food, a glass of Champagne or two, and epic views - dining cruises tick all our boxes for a birthday to remember for life. Mark the day with a delicious spread of whatever meal you’d prefer and take in sights of your chosen city from a unique vantage point.

Walking Tour

The Secret London Walking Tour for TwoTake the Secret Tour of London and gain a fresh look at the city through the eyes of an intrepid explorer. You and a friend will head off the beaten track and journey through little known alleyways and hidden parts of the city. This tour will take you deeper than the average tour to explore the secrets of a city with 2000 years of history to tell. Travel along gas lit alleyways, past old pubs and bookshops as you visit the world’s only remaining Benjamin Franklin home, the place where Mozart composed his first symphony and much more.£37.00Find out more

Rooftop bars

Whether you’re after a charming terrace, a quirky beer garden or a rooftop bar boasting breath-taking views of a city, there’s plenty of venue choices for you to celebrate on the big day. Invite your nearest and dearest for an amazing outdoor celebration.

Hit a hole-in-one of a birthday

Offering far more than just a game of mini-golf, venues like Swingers and Junkyard Golf Club also offer street food and stellar drinks. Make your way around the course as you tuck into a selection of delectable treats, from pizzas and tacos to buns.

Host an outrageously fun birthday BBQ

If your birthday happens to fall on a summer month, nothing beats a traditional barbecue and casual get-together with friends to celebrate in style. Make your garden BBQ one to remember with themed décor, unforgettable food, and you could even make your own fruit punch. Just don’t forget the cake!

Afternoon Tea

We’re strong believers in the phrase ‘any excuse for a tea party’. And really celebrating a birthday is the perfect occasion. It doesn’t have to be a milestone one either! Vintage, vegan, cream or classic - whatever your preferred afternoon tea, it’s a great way to mark the day. You could even host one at home and get your friends and family together for some tea, cake and homemade goods.

Dine With Style

Master the art of sushi making

Get the gang together for a fun and interactive sushi making workshop. Learn from talented chefs the correct techniques to master and prepare authentically Japanese sushi. Alternatively, get everyone together in one place and host an at-home sushi night, complete with a platter full of your favourite rolls.

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery is the perfect birthday activity for someone who fancies themselves as something of a detective. Whether you head to a venue and let a company do all their hard work, or you host your own, it is a fun party theme to work out 'whodunnit'. If you're hosting your own party, you can even ensure there's a delectable and themed spread of treats.

Chocolate Workshop

We believe chocolate was solely invented for birthdays and there’s no way to make the day sweeter than with a hands-on chocolate tasting workshop. With chocolatiers running workshops up and down the country, including those offering private sessions, there’s plenty of choice for you to add a real chocolatey surprise to your birthday.

Sushi Making

The Prince Akatoki Sushi Class for TwoDiscover the art of making sushi, with a masterclass for two at the luxury Prince Akatoki, London.£180.00Find out more

Chocolate Making

MyChocolate co*cktail and Chocolate Making Workshop for TwoWhat could be more divine than a co*cktail and Chocolate Making Workshop?£100.00£130.0023.08% OFFFind out more


If you’ve got this far, you should have plenty of birthday inspiration to help make this the best one yet. And the great thing about birthdays is you can make them whatever you want - so whether you’re wanting a big bash or prefer something a little more low-key, there’s a celebratory experience with your name on it. Take a look at some of our favourite birthday experiences to help you get planning!

Unique and Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday (2024)


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