Recurrence Artist Guide (2024)




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Last updated on Mar 14, 2023 at 12:00by Spin1 comment

Artist uses a paint brush, drawing with different types of ink toeither deal damage (black ink) or heal (white ink) while alsoproviding buffs and cleanses to their party. Artist comes withtwo playstyles, Full Bloom and Recurrence.


  • 1. Recurrence: Gearing, Skills and Playstyle
  • 2. Gearing
  • 3. Skills
  • 4. Runes
  • 5. Gems


Recurrence: Gearing, Skills and Playstyle

Artist has a very simple rotation focusing on near 100% uptime on buffs and using damage skills in-between.We prioritize Recurrence Artist Guide (1) Paint: Sunsketch initially for increased Critical Rate buffs on yourself and Recurrence Artist Guide (2) Paint: Sun Well for a large 30% Atk. Power buff.Place down Recurrence Artist Guide (3) Paint: Ink Well to proc Conviction and start gaining more meter. Then haveRecurrence Artist Guide (4) Paint: Butterfly Dream as our brand / debuff skill that gives +10% damage taken to thetargeted enemy but also serves as our Judgment proc.Cycle through main DPS skills like Recurrence Artist Guide (5) Paint: Crane Wing, Recurrence Artist Guide (6) Paint: Pouncing Tiger & Recurrence Artist Guide (7) Stroke: One Strokethen rebuff and start the cycle over. Make sure to not sit on your Harmony Orbs too long, as yourtwo orb skill, Moonfall is still a 10% party-wide damage increase that you can use about once every40 seconds depending on your meter gain.

Recurrence Opener

Raid Synergy Overview



For running solo content, its recommended to use the Recurrence Artist Guide (8) Betrayal Instinct set for ChaosDungeons & a 4/2 mix of Recurrence Artist Guide (9) Dominion Fang and Recurrence Artist Guide (10) Nightmare Flower for other content like Thronespire.Stat distribution is still priority Swiftness, but you take Crit on the necklace instead ofSpec. Using either Recurrence Artist Guide (11) Lostwind Cliff or Recurrence Artist Guide (12) Light of Salvation is fine for this build as theyboth provide more DPS, with Recurrence Artist Guide (13) Lostwind Cliff providing Critical Rate instead of a fixed damage percentage.There aren't plenty of options to choose from, Recurrence Artist Guide (14) Recurrence's engravings are straightforward.

Recurrence Artist Guide (15) RecurrenceNecessityTaken at Level 3 for maximum damage output.
Recurrence Artist Guide (16) GrudgeNecessityIf you want to build a DPS spec, this must be taken at Level 3 with no exceptions.
Recurrence Artist Guide (17) Cursed DollVery HighThe healing penalty isn't really felt all that much so it'sessentially a free Atk. Power increase.
Recurrence Artist Guide (18) Raid CaptainVery HighEven with 1700 Swiftness, this gives you about 13% damage. Additional synergies cancap your Move Speed and give the full 18% rather easily.
Recurrence Artist Guide (19) Keen Blunt WeaponOptionalWith Critical Rate coming from engraving(s), Crit main stat and some of your skill tripods;you'll be able to comfortably exceed a 60% chance and make this highly effective.
Recurrence Artist Guide (20) AdrenalineOptionalCan be taken for a small Atk. Power increase and another +5% Critical Rate. Diminishing returns whenplaying with other Crit synergies, but a safe pick all around for any content.



Prioritize your meter building skills and Quick Prep to reduce Sun Well's cooldown.Max all damaging tripods and ones like My Well & My Authority especially as these provide large DPS gains.

Skill NameTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Sun WellRecurrence Artist Guide (21) Swift Fingers (Low)Recurrence Artist Guide (22) Finishing Blow (High)Recurrence Artist Guide (23) My Well (High)
SunsketchRecurrence Artist Guide (24) Tenacity (N/A)Recurrence Artist Guide (25) Agile Strokes (N/A)Recurrence Artist Guide (26) My Authority (High)
Crane WingRecurrence Artist Guide (27) Swift Fingers (Low)Recurrence Artist Guide (28) Critical Blow (High)Recurrence Artist Guide (29) Crane Wing Formation (High)
MoonsketchRecurrence Artist Guide (30) Swift Fingers (Low)Recurrence Artist Guide (31) Stardrawer (High)Recurrence Artist Guide (32) Crimson Moon (High)
One StrokeRecurrence Artist Guide (33) Swift Fingers (Low)Recurrence Artist Guide (34) Giant Brush (Low)Recurrence Artist Guide (35) Enhanced Strike (High)
Ink WellRecurrence Artist Guide (36) Vital Point Hit (N/A)Recurrence Artist Guide (37) Enhanced Strike (High)Recurrence Artist Guide (38) Carp King Emergence (High)
Butterfly DreamRecurrence Artist Guide (39) Swift Fingers (Low)Recurrence Artist Guide (40) Ink Brand (N/A)N/A
Pouncing TigerRecurrence Artist Guide (41) Black Ink (Low)Recurrence Artist Guide (42) Piercing Strike (High)Recurrence Artist Guide (43) Enhanced Strike (High)











  • 14 Mar. 2023: Guide Added.

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Spin Cycle is a veteran player & writer for Phantasy Star Online 2 and FFXIV. He has beenplaying Lost Ark since the western release and mains Sharpshooter. He also plays Wardancer, Gunslinger & Soulfist.



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Recurrence Artist Guide (2024)


What is the difference between Artist full bloom and recurrence? ›

As an Advanced Class, the Artist features two unique Class Engravings. Full Bloom improves her support capabilities, while Recurrence bolsters her offense.

What is the best set for the Artist in Lost Ark? ›

Due to the low HP, the best gear set to use on the Artist is the 6-piece Relic Set: Swamp of Yearning. Not only does this set provide much needed defense and HP increases, but the set effects supplement the awesome buffing and support capabilities of the Artist. The set bonus provides a Blessing of Battle.

What is the Artist buff in Lost Ark? ›

Artist can regenerate orbs while her DPS buff is active. With her Class engraving Artist adds an AoE Heal to Sunrise (24m around where the orb is placed ) for no extra cost, instantly healing 7/11/15% of her max hp.

What is the Artist class in Lost Ark? ›

Artist is one of the Support classes in Lost Ark. Your role revolves around providing your party with various damage buffs , as well as keeping them safe through Shields , Damage Reduction , and Heals . This is a cakewalk for the class because of her protection and defenses.

What are the three stages of artist? ›

I mentioned the three stages of development as an artist: beginner, intermediate, mastery. How do you know what stage of development you're at? Great question! Being at mastery level now, I can look back on my own development and identify the key points of all three stages.

What does bloom mean painting? ›

Bloom is a coating defect defined by dull, non-hom*ogeneous or shady appearance caused by the accumulation of non-transparent oils or wax-like substances on the surface of the coating.

What is the best assassin in Lost Ark? ›

Shadowhunters and Deathblades are both pure offensive DPS classes with close-range capabilities. Deathblades are best suited to doing damage to groups of enemies with crowd control strikes, while Shadowhunters are best suited to dealing damage in columns or other geometrical AoE.

Is martial Artist a good class in Lost Ark? ›

With so many to choose from, many players may be wondering which class is the best for them and what to specialize in. One great class option is the Martial Artist. Martial Artist is a melee class with a focus on speed and agility. It has four subclasses: Scrapper, Soulfist, Striker and Souldancer.

What is the best character for beginners in Lost Ark? ›

Shadowhunter: An exceptional choice for beginners seeking a versatile and engaging class in Lost Ark. With its straightforward playstyle and decent damage output, it offers an excellent learning curve for new players.

What is the female martial artist class in Lost Ark? ›

Female Martial Artists

Unlike the male Martial Artist, the female class offers Scrapper and Soulfist options. The Scrapper subclass employs a single heavy gauntlet that allows players to deal the highest damage offered by the Martial Artist class.

What is the player pop of Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark
MonthAvg. PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days61,366.094,636
April 202452,675.080,934
March 202436,063.157,368
February 202448,472.874,167
24 more rows

What is masterpiece Lost Ark? ›

Masterpieces are collectible items in Lost Ark. An ancient artwork stolen from the artistic city of Pleccia long ago. Players can find Masterpieces scattered all around the world, and can obtain them by doing Quests, Secret Map Dungeons, Adventurer's Tomes, [[Rapport]s, and tasks.

What are the most played classes in Lost Ark? ›

For PvE activities, the best classes in Lost Ark as of now are Paladin, Artillerist, Artist, Arcanist, Bard, Sorceress, Summoner, and Deathblade, while the strongest PvP classes now are Paladin, Gunslinger, Deathblade and Shadownhunter. These classes shine in the current meta and you can't miss by playing them.

What is the most popular class in Lost Ark EU? ›

Class Popularity NA/EU (December 2022)
ClassPopularityPopularity 2
18 more rows
Dec 24, 2022

What is the most versatile class in Lost Ark? ›

The Summoner class is known for its versatility and strategic playstyle. Summoning Magic: Master the arcane arts of summoning and call forth various creatures to aid you in battle.

What is artistic bloom? ›

Bloom refers to a phenomenon that occurs on a varnished surface of a painting if kept in damp conditions. This results in dull and cloudy areas on top, or sometimes below the varnish. Blooming is basically a result of moisture building up on the painting.

What is bloom in drawing? ›

Blooms are irregular patterns and hard edges, sometimes with a cauliflower shape, that appear within a painted area in a watercolor painting. The opposite of a smooth wash, a bloom is characterized by uneven color.

Who is art bloom? ›

With Art Bloom, we partner with our favorite artists to curate a collection of their work. We print each piece on canvas, and a portion of every sale goes straight to their Paypal. The goal is to create a reminder of our connection to nature. A connection that can be held, felt and shared.

How many art making stages are there? ›

According to some there are five “stages” in the creative process, and not all five always go forward in a certain order. These five stages include inspiration, percolation, preparation, creation, and reflection.


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