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With the recent release of NBA 2K23, players are eager to jump into the game‘s detailed player creation tools to build their ideal custom player. However, with so many attributes and options to balance, it can be tricky to create a viable build that excels at your preferred position and playstyle.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll break down the most effective builds for each position in NBA 2K23, along with tips for maximizing their talents on both offense and defense.

Overview of Positions and Player Types

In basketball, each of the five positions on the court serves a distinct strategic purpose on offense and defense:

Point Guard (PG) – Runs the offense as primary ball-handler and distributor. Focuses on playmaking, passing, ball control.

Shooting Guard (SG) – Primary perimeter scorer. Excels at outside shooting and scoring moves. Solid ball-handling.

Small Forward (SF) – Versatile offensive threat from multiple areas on the court. Can attack the basket, shoot, finish through contact.

Power Forward (PF) – Interior scorer and rebounder. Mix of post offense, strength and athleticism.

Center (C) – Anchor of the defense. Protects the paint through rebounds and shot blocking. Finishes inside shots on offense.

There are also several common stylistic player types in NBA 2K:

  • 3-level Scorer: Dynamic offensive threat capable of finishing at the rim, in the mid-range, and from 3. Jack-of-all-trades master of none.
  • Sharpshooter: Elite perimeter shooter specializing in 3-pointers and spacing the floor.
  • Slashing Playmaker: Quick, athletic ball-handler who breaks down defenses and finishes strong at the rim. Elite passer.
  • 2-Way 3PT Facilitator: Strong defender who can shoot the 3 ball and distribute effectively on offense.
  • Glass-Cleaning Lockdown: Tenacious interior defender and rebounder who controls the paint.

As you decide how to build your MyPlayer, keep your desired position and style in mind, as certain attributes and badges boost your ability to fill those roles.

Detailed Build Breakdowns

Here are the best builds we‘ve found for each position so far in NBA 2K23, with attribute targets and key badges to equip.

Best Center Build: Paint Beast

NBA2K23 Guide: Creating the Best Player Builds for Each Position - 33rd Square (1)

As the anchor of your team‘s defense, you want your Center build to excel at protecting the paint through rebounding, defending the interior, and finishing inside shots on offense.

The Paint Beast center build focuses heavily on strength, verticality, finishing, and defense to control the paint at a high level.

Attribute Targets

  • Close Shot: 90
  • Standing Dunk: 92
  • Post Control: 87
  • Interior Defense: 90
  • Block: 89
  • Offensive Rebound: 87
  • Defensive Rebound: 95
  • Physical Profile: Burly

Recommended Badges

Offensive Rebound Chaser (HOF), Box (Gold), Brick Wall (Gold), Rise Up (Gold), Fast Twitch (Gold)

This big body build gives you the size and strength to push opponents around down low while giving you ample athleticism to sky for rebounds and send back shots on defense. Take advantage of your physical dominance in the post while anchoring your defense.

Best Power Forward Build: Stretch Four

NBA2K23 Guide: Creating the Best Player Builds for Each Position - 33rd Square (2)

The Stretch Four power forward prioritizes versatile scoring while providing some interior defense as well. With great size and shooting ability, you‘re an offensive mismatch that can pull bigger defenders out to the perimeter.

Attribute Targets

  • Mid-Range Shot: 87
  • 3PT Shot: 89
  • Free Throw: 85
  • Post Fade: 80
  • Interior Defense: 75
  • Block: 75
  • Offensive Rebound: 75
  • Physical Profile: Defined

Recommended Badges

Hot Zone Hunter (Gold), Blinders (HOF), Deep Threes (Gold), Sniper (HOF)

Playing to this build‘s strengths, make sure you‘re taking and making a steady diet of mid-range and 3-point shots. Your size makes it difficult for defenders to contest your shot, while badges like Sniper and Blinders counter opponents who rush to close out your space. Punish teams who leave you open while holding your own on the glass.

Best Small Forward Build: Two-Way Slasher

NBA2K23 Guide: Creating the Best Player Builds for Each Position - 33rd Square (3)

For the versatility required of an elite Small Forward, the Two-Way Slasher perfectly balances explosive scoring and lockdown perimeter defense. Your quickness, ball handling, finishing ability, and defensive prowess make you a terror in transition.

Attribute Targets

  • Close Shot: 85
  • Driving Layup: 92
  • Driving Dunk: 92
  • Ball Handle: 87
  • Steal: 90
  • Perimeter Defense: 88
  • Physical Profile: Agile

Recommended Badges

Limitless Takeoff (Gold), Posterizer (HOF), Ankle Breaker (Gold), Clamps (HOF), Pick Pocket (HOF)

The Two-Way Slasher perfectly embodies a menacing offensive threat who can also take on elite scorers defensively. Use your unprecedented athleticism to attack the rim relentlessly while hounding ball-handlers with smothering on-ball defense. Your versatility gives any lineup flexibility.

Best Shooting Guard Build: Sharpshooting Shot Creator

NBA2K23 Guide: Creating the Best Player Builds for Each Position - 33rd Square (4)

As a Shooting Guard, your primary focus is putting up big scoring numbers. The Sharpshooting Shot Creator provides limitless range from deep along with a lethal mid-range scoring arsenal full of stepbacks, fades, and more.

Attribute Targets

  • Mid-Range Shot: 92
  • 3PT Shot: 92
  • Free Throw: 85
  • Post Fade: 85
  • Ball Handle: 85
  • Physical Profile: Agile

Recommended Badges

Sniper (HOF), Blinders (HOF), Difficult Shots (Gold), Green Machine (Gold), Stop & Pop (HOF)

Blessed with elite perimeter shooting and footwork to create space for shots, this build forces defenders to play uncomfortably close. Pull up from anywhere within 30 feet while breaking ankles to generate clean mid-range jumpers at will. Challenge any defender‘s ability to keep up laterally.

Best Point Guard Build: Playmaking Shot Creator

NBA2K23 Guide: Creating the Best Player Builds for Each Position - 33rd Square (5)

To orchestrate your team‘s offense effectively, you need elite passing vision, precise ball handling, deep shooting range, and the ability to finish inside. The Playmaking Shot Creator brings all of those tools together into one build, making you an assist-dishing, defense-breaking offensive machine.

Attribute Targets

  • Mid-Range Shot: 85
  • 3PT Shot: 80
  • Pass Accuracy: 92
  • Ball Handle: 92
  • Speed w/ Ball: 92
  • Physical Profile: Agile

Recommended Badges

Dimer (HOF), Floor General (HOF), Space Creator (HOF), Quick Chain (Gold), Hyperdrive (Gold)

Thanks to Hall of Fame Dimer and Floor General, your passing transforms teammates into serious scoring options while you break ankles and pull up over smaller defenders. Never letting the defense rest, you‘re able to score from anywhere or create easy baskets for teammates.

Closing Tips

With a clearer vision of which player builds align best for your position and desired strengths, you can start crafting deadly MyPlayers built for dominating NBA 2K23‘s various game modes.

Focus first on your attribute distribution and physical profile before equipping badges that amplify your role. Keep in mind how boosting certain attributes can cap your potential in other areas depending on which profile you select.

It‘s also important to experiment with different variations of popular builds so you don‘t end up with the same MyPlayer as every other player online. Tweak certain attributes and badges to make yourself stand out!

Hopefully now you have all the tools needed to establish yourself as an elite talent in NBA 2K23. Just try to take it easy on the rest of us!

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NBA2K23 Guide: Creating the Best Player Builds for Each Position - 33rd Square (2024)


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