NBA 2K23 Best Power Forward (PF) Builds (2024)

A best Power Forward build is essential in NBA 2K23 since it is one of your team’s most important roles. Their playstyle consists of Offensive strategies and having their back toward the basket.

However, they position themselves defensively under the basket. If PF builds are made carefully, they make excellent rebounders and can keep the ball within the team once they secure it. Below, you can find some of the best Power Forward builds.

  • 3-in-1 Scorer Build
  • Paint Dominator PF Build
  • 2-Way 3 Level PF Build
  • Glass Cleaner Finisher Build
  • Athletic Finisher Build

3-in-1 Scorer build

3-in-1 build focuses on your PF performing all three essential functions for you in NBA 2K23. It emphasizes Shooting, Controlling, and Defending.

With these settings applied to your character, you will get good ball-throwing abilities and be able to move the ball around the court with control and defend it against the opponents.

This build can reach an overall 99 rating and be further upgraded with various Badge Points. Some include Finishing Badges, Shooting Badges, Playmaking Badges, and Rebounding Badges.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’10”
  • Weight: 210lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’1″
  • Body Shape: Compact


  • Close Shot: 84
  • Driving Layup: 83
  • Driving Dunk: 85
  • Standing Dunk: 73


  • Mid-Range Shot: 87
  • Three-Point Shot: 89
  • Free Throw: 67


  • Pass Accuracy: 76
  • Ball Handle: 80
  • Speed with Ball: 71

Defense / Rebounding

  • Perimeter Defense: 75
  • Steal: 74


  • Speed: 80
  • Acceleration: 77
  • Strength: 34
  • Vertical: 75
  • Stamina: 92

Finishing Badges

  • Acrobat: Silver
  • Slithery: Silver
  • Fearless Finisher: Gold
  • Limitless Takeoff: Silver
  • Fast Twitch: Silver
  • Posterizer: Silver (Core Badge)

Shooting Badges

  • Amped: Bronze
  • Middy Magician: Gold
  • Volume Shooter: Silver
  • Agent 3: Silver
  • Corner Specialist: Hall of Fame
  • Green Machine: Gold
  • Blinders: Gold (Core Badge)
  • Limitless Range: Silver

Playmaking Badges

  • Clamp Breaker: Silver
  • Floor General: Bronze
  • Handles for Days: Bronze
  • Hyperdrive: Silver
  • Killer Combos: Bronze
  • Quick First Step: Silver
  • Dimer: Silver
  • Unpluckable: Silver (Core Badge)

Defense / Rebounding Badges

  • Ankle Braces: Silver
  • Glove: Bronze
  • Interceptor: Bronze
  • Menace: Silver
  • Off-Ball Pest: Bronze
  • Work Horse: Silver
  • Boxout Beast: Silver
  • Challenger: Bronze
  • Chase Down Artist: Gold
  • Rebound Chaser: Bronze (Core Badge)

Primary Takeover:Limitless Range

Secondary Takeover:Spot-Up Precision

Paint dominator PF build

Power Forward Paint Dominator build in NBA 2K23 is for the player who likes to control the paint on both ends of the court. These customizations enable the players to become brutal defenders and rebounders that are hard to tackle.

You also perform as an offensive player while under the basket. With the settings below, you’ll be doing everything to bring out what a Power Forward should be like.

This build can also reach an overall 99 rating and be further upgraded with various Badge Points. Some include Finishing Badges, Shooting Badges, Playmaking Badges, and Rebounding Badges.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’11”
  • Weight: 216lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’9″
  • Body Shape: Built



  • Close Shot: 74
  • Driving Layup: 85
  • Driving Dunk: 93
  • Standing Dunk: 90
  • Post Control: 42


  • Mid-Range Shot: 35
  • Free Throw: 36


  • Pass Accuracy: 70
  • Ball Handle: 70
  • Speed with Ball: 68

Defense / Rebounding

  • Perimeter Defense: 76
  • Steal: 75


  • Speed: 79
  • Acceleration: 73
  • Strength: 74
  • Vertical: 90
  • Stamina: 96

Finishing Badges

  • Acrobat: Bronze
  • Giant Slayer: Hall of Fame
  • Limitless Takeoff: Gold
  • Slithery: Gold
  • Posterizer: Gold
  • Fast Twitch: Silver
  • Rise Up: Gold (Core Badge)

Shooting Badges

  • Slippery Off-Ball: Bronze (Core Badge)

Playmaking Badges

  • Clamp Breaker: Bronze
  • Floor General: Silver
  • Handles for Days: Bronze
  • Mismatch Expert: Bronze
  • Special Delivery: Bronze
  • Bail Out: Bronze
  • Break Starter: Silver
  • Vice Grip: Silver (Core Badge)

Defense / Rebounding Badges

  • Challenger: Bronze
  • Interceptor: Bronze
  • Boxout Beast: Hall of Fame
  • Chase Down Artist: Hall of Fame
  • Anchor: Gold
  • Brick Wall: Bronze
  • Pogo Stick: Bronze
  • Rebound Chaser: Gold (Core Badge)

Primary Takeover: Finishing Moves

Secondary Takeover: See the Future

2-way 3-level Power Forward build

It allows you to defend and be quite an offensive player. You can easily take this PF build to a 99 overall rating on both next-gen and current-gen versions. This build also allows you to do brutal dribble pull-ups on the court.

This is the second PF build in NBA 2K23 in this list to have a high ranking in shooting stats like mid-range, free throw, and 3-pointer shots, rendering it so versatile on the offensive side.

Moreover, this build will give you some of the best takeovers in NBA 2K23.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’9″
  • Weight: 210lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’2″
  • Body Shape: Compact



  • Close Shot: 59
  • Driving Layup: 79
  • Driving Dunk: 85
  • Standing Dunk: 90
  • Post Control: 85


  • Mid-Range Shot: 76
  • Free Throw: 87
  • Free Throw: 87


  • Pass Accuracy: 90
  • Ball Handle: 87
  • Speed with Ball: 74


  • InteriorDefense: 70
  • Perimeter Defense: 81
  • Steal: 78
  • Block: 70
  • Offensive Rebound: 33
  • Defensive Rebound: 25


  • Speed: 81
  • Acceleration: 77
  • Strength: 82
  • Vertical: 80
  • Stamina: 93

Finishing Badges

  • Giant Slayer: Bronze
  • Aerial Wizard: Gold
  • Limitless Takeoff: Silver
  • Bully: Silver
  • Posterizer: Silver (Core Badge)

Shooting Badges

  • Clutch Shooter: Hall of Fame
  • Space Creator: Hall of Fame
  • Slippery Off Ball: Hall of Fame
  • Agent 3: Silver
  • Guard Up: Gold
  • Limitless Range: Silver (Core Badge)

Playmaking Badges

  • Ankle Breaker: Hall of Fame
  • Hyperdrive: Bronze
  • Quick First Step: Gold
  • Vice Grip: Silver
  • Handles For Days: Silver
  • Unpluckable: Gold (Core Badge)

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Ankle Braces: Gold
  • Off-Ball Pest: Hall of Fame
  • Pick Dodger: Bronze
  • Challenger: Silver
  • Chase Down Artist: Gold (Core Badge)
  • Clamps: Bronze
  • Interceptor: Bronze

Primary Takeover: Anklebreaking Shots

Secondary Takeover: Limitless Range

Glass Cleaning Finisher build

This Glass Cleaning Finisher Build is highly competitive on the court. Glass Cleaner build allows you to successfully finish the goal and give you a clean finish like the glass with a rating of 95.

Because this is a finisher build in BNA 2K23, your main focus will be primary defense and lateral quickness.

You can utilize this build’s lateral quickness and primary defense to run the best post-fade animation. You can then post fade from any direction.

Body Settings
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 250lbs
Wingspan: 89.0″
Body Shape: Compact

Close Shot: 84
Driving Layup: 68
Driving Dunk: 83
Standing Dunk: 83
Post Control: 66

Mid-Range Shot: 34
Three Point Shot: 34
Free Throw: 54
Post Fade: 30

Pass Accuracy: 67
Ball Handle: 40

InteriorDefense: 85
Perimeter Defense: 76
Lateral/Quickness: 78
Steal: 78
Block: 93
Offensive Rebound: 93
Defensive Rebound: 93

Speed: 80
Acceleration: 78
Strength: 82
Vertical: 87

Finishing Badges
Contact Finisher (Gold)
System Finisher (Gold)
Putback Boss (Gold)
Lob City Finisher (Gold)

Shooting Badges
High Zone Hunter (Gold)

Playmaking Badges
Needle Threader (Gold)

Defense/Rebounding Badges
Brick Wall (HOF)
Clamps (HOF)
Intimidator (HOF)
Pogo Stick (HOF)

Takeover: Rim Takeover

Athletic Finisher build

Athletic Finisher Build is focused on the player’s strength and stamina to give you a finisher that never fails. This NBA 2K23 Power Forward build will provide you with an overall rating of 92.

Body Settings
Height: 6’9″
Weight: 193lbs
Wingspan: 7’6″
Body Shape: Built

Close Shot: 85
Driving Layup: 80
Driving Dunk: 94
Standing Dunk: 75
Post Control: 84

Mid-Range Shot: 69
Three Point Shot: 80
Free Throw: 61

Pass Accuracy: 75
Ball Handle: 80
Speed With Tail: 76

InteriorDefense: 76
Perimeter Defense: 78
Lateral/Quickness: 77
Steal: 75
Block: 75
Offensive Rebound: 67
Defensive Rebound: 73

Speed: 81
Acceleration: 75
Strength: 51
Vertical: 82
Stamina: 90

Finishing Badges
Backdown Punisher (Gold)
Dream Shake (Gold)
Fearless Finisher (Gold)
Fast Twitch (Gold)
Giant Slayer (HOF)
Pro Touch (HOF)

Shooting Badges
Claymore (Gold)
Corner Specialist (Gold)
Cluck Shooter (HOF)
Comeback Kid (HOF)
Volume Shooter (HOF)

Playmaking Badges
Ankle Breaker (Gold)
Post Playmaker (Gold)
Vice Grip (Gold)
Unpluckable (Gold)

Defense/Rebounding Badges
Menace (Gold)
Work Horse (Gold)
Rebound Chaser (Gold)
Off Ball Post (HOF)

Primary Takeover: Advance Post Moves
Secondary Takeover: Finishing Moves

Best badges for Power Forward in NBA 2K23

The Power Forward highlights four particular badges for both PF current-gen and next-gen, with each finishing and Defense/Rebounding badge possessing a Hall of Fame level.


  • Backdown Punisher (HoF)
  • Dream Shake (HoF)
  • Dropstepper (HoF)
  • Post Spin Technician (HoF)


  • Middy Magician (Bronze)
  • Volume Shooter (Bronze)


  • Post Playmaker (Gold)
  • Unpluckable (Gold)
  • Vice Grip (Gold)


  • Brick Wall (HoF)
  • Post Lockdown (HoF)

Best animations for Power Forward

Your Attributes of the MyPlayer build, such as height, weight, and even wingspan, are the key factors to the animations of a decent Power Forward build in NBA 2K23.

To change the animations for your build, simply head over to Options > MyCareer > Menu > MyPlayer > Animations. This is where you’ll be granted various options to select and alter how your PF current-gen/ next-gen build animations look.

However, note that each animation you choose will decrease the VC you have in your account since animations are paid items in NBA 2K23. I’ve listed the requirements for the most suitable Jumpshot animations for the PF Build.

Jump Shot (Kobe Bryant)

  • Height At Least 6’5″ and Under 6’10”
  • Mid-Range Shot 90+ or Three-Point Shot 90+

Dribble (Michael Jordan)

  • Height Under 6’10”
  • Speed 75+

Signature Size-Up (Paul George)

  • Height Under 6’10”
  • Speed 75+ or 85+

Size-Up Escape Package(Damian Lillard)

  • Height Under 6’10”
  • Ball Handle 90+

Moving Crossovers (James Harden)

  • Height Under 6’10”
  • Ball Handle 80+

Moving Behind the Backs (Stephen Curry)

  • Height Under 6’10”
  • Ball Handle 92+

Two Foot Moving Dunks (Jordan Kilganon)

To perform best while doing the Two Foot Moving Dunks as Jordan Kilganon, you can master and build the best dunk build in NBA 2K23.

  • Height Under 6’10”
  • Driving Dunk 90+
  • Vertical 70+

Standing Dunks (Elite Bigman Contact Dunks)

  • Height At Least 6’10”
  • Standing Dunk 90+
  • Vertical 75+
NBA 2K23 Best Power Forward (PF) Builds (2024)


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