NBA 2K23: Best Dunker Build (2024)

In the past, NBA 2K23 made it possible to get a maximum speed rating and still be 6'5", which was perfect for dunking. Now, the fastest players are a maximum of 5'10" and not great at dunking (or basketball in general). So now gamers will have to balance out speed and finishing ability.

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This build is entirely designed for entertainment and maximizing slam dunk opportunities in NBA 2K23. This is not, by any means, the best build for a point guard, shooting guard, or any other position. Use this guide for a great time, especially against AI opponents, those who compete at the highest levels will want to round this build out significantly.

Body Settings

NBA 2K23: Best Dunker Build (1)




178 pounds



  • Play Point Guard

It turns out that 6'5" is still the ideal height, just for different reasons than before. This is the shortest a player can be and still hit a perfect 99 when it comes to dunking. It's possible to be taller, but this penalizes the speed by a minimum of 3.

The reach a higher speed and acceleration by a single point, players will need to shave off two inches to the height here. This has obvious issues on its face, but the most problematic element is the fall off of driving dunks by 4 and standing dunks by 24. It's not worth it. At that height, players are better off trying to make an ideal shooting guard than a dunker.

Potential Attributes

NBA 2K23: Best Dunker Build (2)

Close Shot


Driving Layup


Driving Dunk


Standing Dunk


Post Control


Mid-Range Shot


Three-Point Shot


Free Throw


Pass Accuracy


Ball Handle


Speed With Ball


Interior Defense


Perimeter Defense






Offensive Rebound


Defensive Rebound












The playmaking attributes are rather high, but that's only an incidental part of this build. Speed With Ball is listed as a playmaking attribute and it's critically important that point guards drive to the rim to get off an epic slam. It does help when defenses collapse onto the paint and the point guard needs to pass out of a jam, so that's a fortunate area of functionality for the build.

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Obviously, the finishing here is what is most important. Superior power forward builds might invest more into standing dunks when backing down in the post and there is some merit for big man dunks for those who want them. But this kind of finisher thrives more on the high-speed dunks from afar.


NBA 2K23: Best Dunker Build (3)


Posterizer (Hall of Fame), Limitless Range (Hall of Fame), Slithery (Gold)




Quick First Step (Hall of Fame), Clamp Breaker (Gold), Unpluckable (Gold), Killer Combos (Bronze), Ankle Breaker (Bronze)


Off-Ball Pest (Silver), Pick Dodger (Bronze)

Although there are only three finishing badges, these are the best finishing badges in the game when it comes to dunking. The two Hall of Fame badges, Posterizer and Limitless Range, make for massive highlight-reel dunks over opponents. Slithery helps players get through traffic and find an open lane.

Playmaking has more badges that help dunkers do what they do than any finishing badges, surprisingly. Four of the five selections help point guards break toward the hoop while confusing their defenders. Unpluackable allows players to retrain control while they make this lightning-quick drive.


NBA 2K23: Best Dunker Build (4)

Primary Takeover


Secondary Takeover


No surprises here, this build is all gas and no breaks. Abandon any semblance of defensive prowess and go for Slasher and Playmaker, the two offensive selections. Slasher will help players get past the defense and into a situation where it's just them and the hoop.

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Playmaker makes use of some of those elite playmaking badges. Instead of focusing on the assists portion, utilize the advantage to dribbling. As soon as opponents take one wrong step, blaze past them and get ready to make a specular dunk that will get the fans talking.

Best Team To Play For

NBA 2K23: Best Dunker Build (5)

There are a few teams that point guards should consider playing for. When choosing a team, try to find one where the starting point guard is ranked at a sub-80 while the rest of the team is solid, mostly 80s or 90s. Unique to dunkers, they'll want a team with a subpar center as well, since this opens up their lane to score.

It's hard to think of a better landing spot than the Clippers. John Wall is only a 78 and easily overtaken for the starting job. Ivica Zubac won't be pretending to contribute in the paint. And the forwards all prefer to do damage from range more than up close. They're also great passers, so if sizing up a foe doesn't work, pass, get open, and then drive to the rack.

NBA 2K23 is available now for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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NBA 2K23: Best Dunker Build (2024)


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