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Eyebrow threading | Eyebrow threading and tinting | Shumaila's (6)

Eyebrow threading | Eyebrow threading and tinting | Shumaila's (7)

Eyebrow threading | Eyebrow threading and tinting | Shumaila's (8)

Threading Costs and Treatment at Shumaila’s

Eyebrow threading | Eyebrow threading and tinting | Shumaila's (9)

How does threading work?

Threading is an ancient art which uses a thread to pull hair out from it’s root. It is a precise method which requires skill and lots of practice to master. Although in theory you can use threading to remove any hair from the body, at Shumaila’s we use it primarily for the face and neck only.

Our threading technicians have years of experience and use this technique daily to achieve perfectly groomed eyebrows for our clients. Other common areas to get threading are upper lip, chin, cheeks and side burns. A lot of our clients opt for full face threading which includes eyebrows.

Does threading hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, some people find threading very painful and some not at all.

However, the pain can be reduced if you your therapist’s techniques are good. Shumaila’s has been providing facial threading services since 2001, we are known for our excellent threading. Our therapists have many years of experience and are trained to high standards.

We also offer facial waxing, using premium chocolate hot wax which is less painful than threading.

To opt for a more pain-free method of hair removal, we recommendLaser Hair Removal which is virtually painless, safe and also permanent! We offer a free consultation and patch test for laser.

How long does threading take?

  • Eyebrow Threading – 10 mins
  • Upper lip Threading – 5 mins
  • Chin Threading – 5 mins
  • Full Face Threading – 30 mins

What are the benefits of threading hair removal?

  • Instant results
  • Cost effective
  • Non-invasive
  • No side effects

How To Get Started?

Step 01

We offer threading as a walk-in service, subject to availability. You can also book online or by calling your local Shumaila’s Salon.

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Tara McLoughlin

19 days ago

Excellent service as always by Huma


Seven Kings

Bibi Riz

36 days ago

Big thankuuuuuuu to Haleemah. She always treats me with utmost professionalismAnd gentle with my skin. God bless


Seven Kings

Lo M.M.

61 days ago

Thank you Halima 😊You were very gentle but precise with your threading and I feel much better now you’ve shaped my eyebrows so nicely (and threaded my upper lip hair too!)I will definitely be back again.Kind regards,Lo


Seven Kings

Jazz Bolina

62 days ago

Friendly service


Seven Kings

kyra kaur

74 days ago

Best salon all staff are very nice and work very well


Beehive Lane

Elise Malina

103 days ago

Shumaila’s is a great place, and overall Ive had an outstanding experience, thanks to the exceptional professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Sadaf and Kim, in particular, stood out with their infectious smiles and top-notch customer service. I highly recommend their assistance for a welcoming visit.


Woodford Green

Lisa Memon

108 days ago

Amazing Service By Huma.Thank you


Seven Kings

Nadia Megnin

111 days ago

I find the staff extremely welcoming and efficient. Thank you especially to Ghizala who looks after me very well indeed.


Woodford Green

Minara Sultana

114 days ago

The staff are very helpful. Simran is very supportive and always tries to help.


Beehive Lane

Anca Ion

161 days ago

i allways use to go for eyesbrow somewhere else one day i went in shumaila seveking there was simran girl she done my eyebrows i was very happy with her coz she give me good service how i want and now i am keeep coming with her to do my all treatment tnx simran


Seven Kings

Ravinder Soor

173 days ago

Simran is amazing. She has threaded my eyebrows for the last few months as Naz is not there anymore. She pays attention to fine detail and listens to what the client wants.


Beehive Lane

Imogen Baldwin

203 days ago

I've recently visited shumailas for an eyebrow appointment and I'm absolutely in awe - thank you so much Shumailas loughton and thank you to the staff who are so lovely and friendly.



Zahira Shaikh

531 days ago

Been going here for years and the staff are amazing and accommodating! Always up to date with the newest treatments and very accommodating. Would certainly recommend as I always see results whenever I go for treatments


Gants Hill

Lisa McGovern

562 days ago

Great threading - thankyou.


Woodford Green

What is the Cost of Threading?

Ladies Eyebrows£7
Men’s Eyebrows£8
Upper lip£3
Lower Lip£2
Chin Half/Full£4/£6
Neck Half/Full£6/£8
Sides of face£8
Full Face without Eyebrows£29 £20
Full Face with Eyebrows£36 £25

Hey there! It looks like we’ve run out of special offers for now. But don’t worry, we’re always cooking up something exciting just for you!

    Threading Frequently Asked Questions

    Both threading and waxing have their own benefits. For example a cleaner finish is achieved with threading, as we are able to get even the smallest of hairs and even some ingrown hairs. Very small hairs do not come out with waxing alone and need to be tweezed or threaded after.

    In terms of pain, our hot waxing is far less painful than threading.

    At Shumaila’s we combine both waxing and threading, to achieve benefits of both – a well defined and clean finish and a less painful treatment. We give our clients the option to get the area waxed first and then go over it with threading to remove the small hairs that did not come out with the wax. This way the treatment hurts a lot less.

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      Eyebrow threading | Eyebrow threading and tinting | Shumaila's (2024)


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