Buy E-Gift Cards Online (2024)

  1. 1. How do I purchase Sephora E-Gift Cards/Gift Cards?

    You can purchase Sephora E-Gift Cards online via our websites. At the moment, purchase of Sephora E-Gift Cards is only available at Sephora's Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand websites. Sephora will only honor Sephora E-Gift Cards/Gift Cards purchased at our stores and website. You cannot use a Sephora E-Gift Card/Gift Card to purchase Sephora E-Gift Cards/Gift Cards.

  2. 2. Can I purchase multiple Sephora E-Gift Cards online?

    You can only purchase one Sephora E-Gift Card for each online transaction. To purchase multiple Sephora E-Gift Cards online, please submit another order via the website. You may also visit a Sephora store to purchase multiple Sephora Gift Cards.

  3. 3. Are there any fees associated with the Sephora E-Gift Card?

    No. You will only be charged the amount mentioned on the Sephora E-Gift Card.

  4. 4. Can I choose the value of a Sephora E-Gift Card I want to purchase?

    Yes. You can purchase a Sephora E-Gift Card of any amount above the minimum purchase amount of $20, and the maximum amount of $300.

  5. 5. Can I change the value of a Sephora E-Gift Card after I have paid for it?

    Unfortunately, the value of the Sephora E-Gift Card cannot be changed once the purchase is made.

  6. 6. What payment methods can be used?

    We only accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express at the moment.

  7. 7. When is my credit card charged for my purchase?

    Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase.

  8. 9. Can I buy a Sephora E-Gift Card for myself?

    Yes, you can. Simply enter your email address in the recipient field. Upon completion of the purchase, the Sephora E-Gift Card will be delivered to your email.

  9. 10. I want a printed Sephora E-Gift Card to present to someone as a gift. How do I do this?

    Simply send the Sephora E-Gift Card to your email and print it once you receive it. The printout can be redeemed for purchase online or at Sephora stores.

  10. 11. Can I send two (or more) Sephora E-Gift Cards to two (or more) people who share an email address?

    Yes, you can. If you want to send separate Sephora E-Gift Cards to different parties at their shared email address, purchase the Sephora E-Gift Cards separately and indicate their name and email in the recipient's field. They will receive separate emails advising that you have sent them a Sephora E-Gift Card from Sephora.

  11. 12. Will I earn Beauty Pass points for purchasing Sephora E-Gift Cards?

    Unfortunately, you will not earn points for purchasing Sephora E-Gift Cards. Points will only be credited to the person redeeming the Sephora E-Gift Card.

  12. 13. Will purchasing Sephora E-Gift Cards help to advance my Beauty Pass status to Sephora Black/Sephora Gold?

    Unfortunately, purchasing Sephora E-Gift Cards does not contribute towards the minimum spend required to qualify for the next Beauty Pass tier.

  13. 14. Can I schedule the delivery date of the Sephora E-Gift Card?

    Yes, Sephora E-Gift Cards purchased online can be sent out on a specific date. The default setting of the delivery date is the current date unless a different date is chosen. Once the purchase is complete, the delivery date cannot be changed.

  1. 1. What exactly does the recipient receive when I send a Sephora E-Gift Card?

    The recipient receives an email which contains the Sephora E-Gift Card design chosen during purchase, along with information such as the Sephora E-Gift Card value, card number, PIN number, and a personalized message.

  2. 2. When would the Sephora E-Gift Card I purchased online be sent to the recipient?

    The Sephora E-Gift Card will be sent to the recipient on the date you chose at the time of purchase.

  3. 3. Where can the Sephora E-Gift Card be used?

    Sephora E-Gift Cards can only be used for online purchase or in the Sephora stores in the country of purchase.

    Please note that Sephora Gift Vouchers sold before 15 December 2016 are not valid online. However, these vouchers can still be redeemed in stores until 15 December 2017.

  4. 4. Do I need a special printer to print the Sephora E-Gift Card?

    No. You can use any standard printer to print your Sephora E-Gift Card.

  5. 5. When do Sephora E-Gift Cards/Gift Cards expire?

    Sephora E-Gift Cards bought online expires 3 years from the date of delivery. Sephora Gift Cards bought in-stores expires 3 years from date of purchase.
    Please note that Sephora E-Gift Cards and Sephora Gift Cards bought before 26 March 2018 expires 1 year after the date of delivery/purchase.

  6. 6. Can I add more value to a Sephora E-Gift Card after purchase?

    No. Once the purchase is complete, you cannot add more value to a Sephora E-Gift Card.

  7. 7. How can I redeem a Sephora Gift Card online?

    Step 1: Ensure that you have your Sephora E-Gift Card/Gift Card number and PIN. To obtain the PIN number for store bought Sephora Gift Cards, scratch off the foil covering the PIN number located on the back of the Sephora Gift Card, in the right hand corner of the card.
    Step 2: On the checkout page in the payment option section, enter your Sephora E-Gift Card/Gift Card number and PIN number.
    Step 3: Hit save and continue. You will see the Sephora E-Gift Card/Gift Card amount deducted from your total order. If the Sephora E-Gift Card/Gift Card value is not enough to pay for your entire order, you may pay for the remaining amount with another payment option.

  8. 8. Can I make partial redemptions?

    Yes. You may select how much you wish to pay with your Sephora E-Gift Card/Gift Card at the checkout page and pay the remaining amount with another payment option.

  9. 9. Can I redeem multiple gift cards in a single online transaction?

    No. You may not use more than one Sephora E-gift card/gift card in a single receipt, for online purchases.

Buy E-Gift Cards Online (2024)


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