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Silencer Central has everything you need to complete your silencer purchase. We have a mail in barrel threading service, a handy eZ-pay program, even our famous totally free gun trust to make silencer ownership simple. Plus we have direct shipping of silencers, meaning you don’t have to leave your home to pick up your silencer once purchase is approved!

Barrel Threading
eZ-Pay Plan
Direct Shipping
NFA Gun Trust

Why Buy Barrel Threading from Silencer Central?

  • We complete over 5,000 threaded barrels per year
  • We have our own CNC Lathe
  • We provide the fastest threading service in the nation
  • We thread to caliber to meet the guidelines given to us by our suppressor manufacturer
  • We have a full-time gunsmith on staff
  • All threaded firearms include a free thread protector ($20 value)

Watch Hickok45 and CEO Brandon Maddox discuss Silencer Central’s Barrel Threading Service.

Please note: Silencer Central cannot accept firearms that do not have a visible serial number such as foreign or old military rifles. Silencer Central also cannot accept short-barreled rifles (SBR – barrel length less than 16”) unless a copy of your Form 4 (tax stamp) is included in the shipment.

See FAQ for additional firearms that are not accepted

How to get your barrel threaded

Barrel Threading – Silencer Central (1)


Place your threading order.

Step 2.

Select any additional gunsmithing services

  • CUT & CROWN – $69.99

Step 3.

Purchase 360 shipping or choose local drop off

Don’t forget to add on our360 Shipping Barrel Threading product and we will ship a box and soft case(s) along with a prepaid return shipping label. One box (8″x4″x48″) can hold up to two barrels. *This is required for all orders that are mailed to our facility.

If you are nearby, stop at our home office in Sioux Falls and drop off your barrels at no extra cost.

How To Ship Your Barrel to Silencer Central

Barrel Threading – Silencer Central (2)

Remove all accessories from your rifle and package your barrels in the provided soft cases. Use the prepaid label to send it to Silencer Central.

***Remove all accessories from your firearm before mailing. This includes slings, mounts, scopes, scope rings, etc. We accept no liability or responsibility for any damage that could occur if your rifle isn’t packaged according to our examples below. This includes removing all accessories from the firearm prior to delivery***

Proper Way to Prepare for Shipping

Improper Way to Prepare for Shipping

Barrel Threading – Silencer Central (5)

Optics and lower haven’t been removed

Barrel Threading – Silencer Central (6)

Trigger hasn’t been removed

Barrel Threading – Silencer Central (7)

Optics haven’t been removed

CNC Barrel Threading

Once we receive your barrels, our certified machinists will thread them according to your order form specifications, add a thread protector and ship your threading order back to you.

Note, we thread rifles for a suppressor or muzzle break using a single point threading on a HAAS II Commercial Lathe (CNC), concentric to the bore.

Threading to Caliber

We thread your barrels to meet the guidelines given to us by our suppressor manufacturer to ensure each rifle has the proper amount of shoulder to support your silencer. We thread to caliber and then cross-check diameter to ensure stability.

Threading to CaliberMinimum Diameter for Thread Size
CaliberThread (Default)Min. Muzzle DiameterThread (Secondary)Thread Length
Rimfire1/2 x 28.560″7/16 x 280.400″
.20 to 241/2 x 28.560″7/16 x 280.600″
.243 to .3585/8 x 24.685″1/2 x 280.600″
.375 to .4583/4 x 24.810″5/8 x 240.600″
If the barrel diameter is smaller than the minimum muzzle diameter we will thread to the secondary thread size.

For example: if you have a .300 Win Mag and the barrel diameter is .600, that barrel would have to be threaded to 1/2 x 28. If you have a 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel and a 5/8 x 24 threaded silencer you will need to purchase a thread adapter.

If sights are within that area they will need to be removed or relocated (additional fee required).

* Additional Fee Applies To Moving Front Sight (ie- Drill and Tap New Holes)


  • Purchase the 360 Mailing Program with your order
  • Drop off your barrels at our in-store location

*Please note, items must be unloaded, ensure there is no round in the chamber and that the magazine or tube is empty before shipping or dropping off with us.
*Silencer Central can not accept firearms that do not have a visible serial number unless documentation is included. If we receive a firearm with no visible serial number & lacking documentation, the item will be turned over to the ATF.
* Silencer Central Uses 4″x8″x48″ boxes, please ensure your riffle/barrel will fit into the container for return shipping. Silencer Central will not accept odd-shaped cases such as guitar cases or oversized gun cases.

We will send you a pre-packaged box (4″ x 8″ x 48″) containing two soft cases with a prepaid return shipping label. You will remove all accessories from your rifle and package your barrel(s) in the provided soft cases,fill out the order formand secure it in the soft case, then use the prepaid label to send it off to Silencer Central.

Of Course! Stop by ourSioux Falls locationat 4901 N 4th Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104 and drop off your barrels for threading. Be sure to have all accessories removed before dropping them off.Please note, we do not offer a same-day threading service our standard 7 – 10 day turnaround time still applies.

Items dropped off at our Sioux Falls, SD location may be picked up in the store or shipped to you for $19.99.

If your barrel was shipped with a 360 Mailing Program, orders will be shipped to you when the work is completed.

Rifles: Please remove all accessories such as scopes and rings, bi-pods, slings, lights, etc… Bolt action rifles should be left in the stock whenever possible. If you must ship the barreled action by itself, we strongly advise the removal of the trigger assembly. This avoids the chance of having the fragile trigger group break or suffer damage in shipping.

AR-15 or AR-10 Type Uppers: In most cases, you do not need to remove the barrel. Just ship the entire upper, minus the bolt carrier group, and all rail-mounted accessories/sights.

*Silencer Central Cannot accept Short-Barreled Rifles ( SBR- barrel length less than 16″), unless a copy of your Form 4 can be included with the shipment.

Barrel Threading

99.9% of the time when a customer calls about an issue with their silencer… it turns out to be a poor threading job. Our threading service offers the most precise and fastest barrel threading in the nation. You can get your rifle barrel threaded starting at $99.99 including a free thread protector (a $20 value). We have several options for getting your barrels to us for threading.

  • Live out of state? Purchase the 360 Mailing Program with our order.
  • Drop off and pick up your barrels at our Sioux Falls location.

Barrel Threading is $124.99 per barrel, plus any gunsmithing add-ons, tax, and shipping depending on your chosen service. All barrel threading services include a thread protector, valued at $20. Turnaround time varies based on current workload. If you would like to confirm turnaround time, please get in touch with us at 888.781.8778.

Visit our services page for additional services available, prices vary depending on additional services requested.

For the requested thread pitch, accurately verify suppressor thread pitch. Choosing to leave the thread pitch option blank, will result in the barrel being threaded based on caliber. If this is not possible due to barrel dimensions, then a follow up email will be sent and clarified before any work is done.

Download our barrel threading form HERE

No, not all suppressors are threaded the same. There are a variety of different thread pitches, which is why you may need an adapter. There are a few popular military silencers whose thread pitches are as close to “standard” as we get. Still, you’ll probably want a few adapters on hand.

For more information on silencers and barrel threading, visit our full suppressor thread size guide.

We thread to the recommendation and guidelines of the company that builds our suppressors. We always thread to caliber first and then cross reference with diameter of the barrel. Most of our customers have the gunsmith determine the best thread pitch for each barrel to ensure the best results.

If you absolutely want a specific thread, you can put it in the note section on the threading order form and the gunsmith will try to fulfill your request, if diameter allows. We offer a thread adapter that steps up a 1/2 x 28 thread to 5/8 x 24 if your thread is smaller than your silencers thread pitch.

Barrel Threading – Silencer Central (8)

Yes, you can put a suppressor on a non-threaded barrel, although it can be a little tricky. Most suppressors are made for a threaded barrel, so you’ll need to find a different way to attach it.

There are threading adapters on the market, but the best way to attach a silencer to a non-threaded barrel is to get your barrel threaded. Here at Silencer Central, we have our own threading service, where you can send us your barrel and get it threaded starting at $99.99.

Yes, you can. We recommend threading your barrel to attach your suppressor. Threading an unthreaded barrel is super easy with our Threading Central HAAS single point threading machine. You can send us your barrel safely, from anywhere in the country, and we will return it expertly threaded.

At this time we are only able to thread a blowback-style pistol like a Ruger Mark series pistol. We can look to see if an aftermarket barrel exists for your pistol and (if available) order one for you. Payment is required when ordering and our team will ship you the barrel once the barrel is received at our HQ.

We do not make custom barrels. We are set up to mainly do threading and at this time are not setup to build or install barrels.

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Barrel Threading – Silencer Central (2024)


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