5 facts about Valentine's Day that will surprise you (2024)

As attention turns towards Valentine's Day, wediscussed what the day means to all of us here at Vevox.While researching Valentine's Day, I came across some interesting facts about the celebration that I never knew and are quite surprising...

1. Teachers receive the most Valentine's Day cards

According to an array of different sources, teachers receive the most Valentine's Day cards. This is then followed by children, mothers, wives and pets who are placed within the top five. Staff rooms over the world must be cluttered withletters over Valentines week!

2. Valentine's Day chocolates all started from Cadbury

Chocolate is just another gift that we associate with Valentine's Day, but where did the tradition originate from? Richard Cadbury (from the Cadbury chocolate family) created a box of chocolates for his wife in 1868 by personally painting and decorating the box. I think our office can personally say, "Great job Cadbury, great job", from the chocoholics.

3. The U.S. alone spend over 18 billion for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is in the top three of the largest consumer holidays in the U.S. and over 18 billion is spent on the celebration in the United States. 3.8 billion of the total cost is spent by American couples on a night out on the day itself. I suppose no pressure to book that expensive restaurant then...

4. Shakespeare's - Romeo and Juliet

The romantic play, Romeo and Juliet byWilliam Shakespeare, is one of the most famous love stories that we all know. To the extentthat Juliet still receives letters on Valentine's Day each year. Over 1000 letters are sent to the Italian city of Verona (where according to the playRomeo and Juliet lived) and addressed specifically to Juliet. I am not too far off from receiving the same amount of letters myself...

5.Happy Friend's Day!

Typically, Valentine's Day has an association as being as a 'couples celebration day'. In other countries, Valentine's Day has its own interpretations anda whole different meaning. Finland have a celebration called ystävänpäivä,which translates as 'Friend's Day'. The celebration is about showing respect and appreciationto your friends.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Ben (also known as Cupid).
5 facts about Valentine's Day that will surprise you (1)

5 facts about Valentine's Day that will surprise you (2024)


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